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Educate to Innovate – Developing and Sustaining Female Food Entrepreneurs


LTTA 1 – Teaching, Training Learning Activity, Galway, Ireland

1st – 3rd April: LTTA1 which was a Short-term joint staff-training event took place at GMIT’s Galway campus of the west coast of Ireland. It took the form of round table group discussion study visits.

In April 2019, staff from each partner organisation met to evaluate existing training guides and materials, to establish new teaching methods and analyse the delivery methods of GMIT’S current Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship programmes and the training course developed from the Erasmus+ European Project “Creating Entrepreneurs in Food (CEF)”.

The 3 day learning activity consisted of a panel of academic staff that are involved with Female Food Entrepreneurs (FFEs) and the delivery of entrepreneurial based training. They provided knowledge and expertise in the fields of food science, entrepreneurship and industry and took part in a continuous professional development (CPD) type of event.

Participants took part in organised workshops, study visits, open discussion forums and training exercises to demonstrate female entrepreneurial training and peer led training. Each participant presented materials and resources being used to develop Female Entrepreneurs in their country and met a panel of local industry leaders and researchers that contribute to GMIT’s Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship programmes and relevant research projects. Participants also met with GMIT learners to discuss the impact practical, peer led training has on encouraging the growth of FFEs and to identify the most appropriate qualities each mentor should possess.

LTTA1 gave partners an opportunity to analyse and collate feedback on the resources, tools and materials most relevant to the development of the Training Guide.

The outcomes of the activity include:

• A report of the most relevant content to include in the training guide draft.

• Feedback on the proposed training guide draft content outline

• Finalised timeline on the development of the training guide, resources and materials.

The results from this first training event will aid in developing the training guide for FFEs with a detailed timeline on the development of O1.