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Output 1

Using Entrepreneurs to Create Entrepreneurs

A Training Guide for VET providers on Delivering Work-Based Entrepreneurial Training to Female Food Entrepreneurs (FFEs) for the Agri-Food Sector.

The training guide for VET providers will enable them to deliver an entrepreneurial peer led work-based programme aimed at recruiting FFEs. The training guide will introduce innovative teaching mechanisms aimed at boosting female food entrepreneurship. The guide will provide a variety of information to VET providers on how to deliver peer led work-based training and will provide the supports required for growth in this sector. The guide will be designed to enable providers develop a programme that will overcome the barriers that FFEs currently face. The type of training proposed by the training guide will be industry-led and will move away from the traditional classroom style of teaching and explore the practical learning methods of teaching and learning i.e. future entrepreneurs learning from existing entrepreneurs.

The guide will be developed for VET providers and will aim to provide them with a deep understanding of the unique methodologies associated with peer led entrepreneurial training. It will also provide educators with an appreciation of the complexities associated with the management and development of FFEs at a VET Institution. The guide will be practically based and interactive with its main aim being to develop VET providers with the knowledge and competencies to enable them to become effective at delivering peer led work-based entrepreneurial training. As this was found to be extremely effective method for entrepreneurs to learn.

It will also provide guidance to VET educators, on how to engage with business mentors and develop a panel of food entrepreneur mentors that can contribute to the delivery of the training course.

The training guide will also incorporate information on a wide variance of ICT learning tools for entrepreneurial training to ensure that improving participants’ digital skills is an important focus for VET providers.


Download available via “Resources” page and the link icon below.


Output 2

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

Resource tool aimed at developing and sustaining Female Food Entrepreneurs (FFEs).

The objective of the resource tool is to provide females involved in the Agri-Food sector with the knowledge of entrepreneurial courses available, RPL opportunities, networking, funding streams and nurture ideas on the skills required to foster and develop their food concepts into successful businesses, encouraging participants to consider food entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to employment. The developed resource will be available to VET providers to assist them in recruiting FFEs onto their entrepreneurial training programmes.

The resource tool will be developed by a combination of qualified staff in Food Science and Nutrition together with a panel of industry leaders (existing female food entrepreneurs). All partners will research the necessary components for the resource tool. The resource tool (published booklet of information for FFEs, also available online) will collate information on all resources available for FFEs. It is intended to be a ‘one stop’ information resource for FFEs providing information on entrepreneurship courses, how to access courses via RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), supports for females, funding mechanisms available, female mentorship schemes, case studies of successful female entrepreneurs, networking groups etc.