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Positivity is the answer for optimum productivity!



Yes, it’s essential to believe in yourself, your why and your vision. To not allow negative beliefs get in your way to success. But what about your outlook; this key ingredient can determine your true success and its often overlooked on the growth and productivity ladder as a female entrepreneur.


Below are some simple actions for you to implement into your daily routine to create more positivity, productivity and fulfilment within your business and overall life.


Three top tips on on becoming more positive!

#1 Practice gratitude

Begin each day thinking of all the things you are grateful for in life. This will help you start the day with a positive mindset ready for a productive day. Keeping a journal can help to practice gratitude. A study by Lin, C found that gratitude can aid with having more positive emotions which in turn can lead to improved life satisfaction. Take time out of the day to practice mindfulness and remind yourself why you are striving to be a successful entrepreneur. When negative thoughts arise; jot them down to physically eliminate out of your mind. Instead replace them with your truth; your why and a kind reminder of how capable worthy of making a difference.


#2 Be healthy

Eating a healthy balanced diet, getting regular exercise and getting sufficient sleep are essential in creating a more positive mindset. Feeding your body with healthful habits is essential for your overall health and have a big impact on your mental health and how you feel. Try making small changes to your food habits, especially the choices you make when you are busy. Aim to replace refined processed foods for fresh wholegrain alternatives, which will give you better energy, are friendlier on your digestion and will keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Try replacing sugary snacks for balanced snacks (for example; fruit and nut butter or a pot of Greek yogurt, nuts and berries). Instead of that 2-3pm caffeine hit try reach for a decaf coffee, a herbal tea or some water(aim for 2 liters daily). Time is precious when you are running a business which can often result in feeling like you may not have time to be physically active. However in your day try think about movement – do you choose the lift instead of the stairs, drive/ use the bus when you could have walked, mindlessly scroll through social media, or melt into the couch in front of the TV for a few hours in the evening. Try make a change to one of these opportunities to boost moment in your day. Or why not replace 30mins of that hour in the evening spent on the internet with a walk or a run.


#3 Find the GOOD in the BAD

With every story of success, there once was a story of failure. Failure is feedback that gives you an opportunity to create a stronger recipe, learn and improve. Failure of a business plan? Try reflect on how your next plan will succeed from the the changes that can be made, don’t choose to give up just because things didn’t work out. Unsuccessful in an interview? Think about the areas you can improve on and the experience you have gained for your next interview. Always remember what’s for you wont pass you. Negative feedback and constructive criticism are vital within the business world in order to see what you can improve on.  



Quote to note!

A positive mind finds opportunity in everything. A negative mind finds fault in everything.” – Unknown



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